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Najoicia Elmore, CPE, MSW, LGSW

Mental Health Expert and Consultant

A Mission In Love

At More Too Love, LLC, our mission is to collaboratively partner with individuals, groups, families and organizations to drive positive growth and lasting change. We are dedicated to promoting the holistic well-being of the Black community through tailored services and comprehensive training promoting the advancement of mental health, maternal health, and advocating for health equity in all spaces. Guided by our motto “Educate, Advocate, Elevate”, we aspire to be a catalyst for empowerment, fostering resilience and a community where everyone thrives.

Hi, I’m Joi

Joi Elmore, CPE, MSW, LGSW

Mental Health Expert and Consultant

I find Joy in helping others navigate life and identify various ways to grow through their individual circumstances while becoming stronger in the process”

Growing up, I have witnessed various forms of adversity, disparities, and inequities and have realized how these also play a major role in individuals seeking support or a listening ear in a time of need. Having this experience, I became dedicated to receiving education and training as a mental health professional in order to provide a safe and non-judgmental space for Individuals and Families to process their lived experiences. I am aware there is a stigma around seeking mental health services in BIPOC communities and aim to inspire, educate, and support others in order to reduce stigma and increase awareness on Mental Health and Supportive services in BIPOC communities.

I have a background in Clinical Social Work. Most of my experience is working directly with women, children, and families meeting needs related to education, support, mental health, and crisis intervention. I am the Co-chair of the Perinatal Sub-Comittee of the MN Maternal Health Task Force, currently on the Board of Directors for the National Association of Social Work (MN). I am a certified Mental Health First Aid Trainer, Certified Doula, Forensic Interviewer, and Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) Trainer. I have a particular interest in working with those experiencing anxiety, depression, self-esteem challenges, relationship challenges, parenting challenges, microaggressions, and trauma. I utilize mindfulness, Cognitive behavioral approaches and encourage clients to pursue holistic approaches to health (exercise, proper sleep, work-life balance, etc.).

My goal is to create a safe space to be unapologetically you!

Collaborative Community Engagement


Well- Being

Innovation and Adaptability




Empowerment and Resilience

Integrity and Accountability

“Our approach is person centered, strengths based, and trauma informed. We believe in assisting and supporting clients to be the author and expert of their own lives.”

Pillars of Purpose


A Clear Vision

We envision a future where every member of the community experiences optimal well-being. At More Too Love, LLC, we see a vibrant and equitable society where mental health is prioritized, maternal health is safeguarded, and training opportunities abound. Our vision is to be at the forefront of positive transformation, creating lasting impact through collaborative partnerships that enhance the overall health and vitality of the community. Our vision is to be a beacon of empowerment, leading the charge in creating a society where the Black community achieves optimal health and resilience.

Women. International Women's Day
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Portrait of Pregnant Woman

More Too Love is a practice that prioritizes the needs of women

and uplifts community.

We believe that women,

especially Black women,

deserve a dedicated and safe space to experience freedom, growth and healing.

Supporting Your Journey to Wellness

Holistic Wellness Workshops

  • Integrated Wellness Workshops
  • Prenatal & Postpartum Mental Health Support
  • Mindfulness & Meditation Retreats

We provide comprehensive wellness workshops that integrate mental health strategies, training techniques, and doula support during significant life transitions like pregnancy and postpartum.

Professional Development & Mental Health Training

  • Mental Health Training for Birth Professionals
  • Therapeutic Training for Professionals
  • Education Resource Development

We aim to enhance the skills of professionals and mental health practitioners by supporting ongoing professional development specifically focused on integrating mental health aware ness and therapeutic techniques.

Community Mental Health Support Programs

  • Virtual Support Groups
  • Doula Assisted Therapy Sessions
  • Parenting & Relationship Coaching
  • Educational Resource Development

We encouage community engagement and mental health support for imdividuals, parents , couples, and outreach programs targeting underserved populations within the community.

Mental Health Services

  • Individual Therapy Sessions
  • Counseling for Specific Challenges (e.g., anxiety, depression)
  • Tailored Mental Health Support

We provide mental health counseling for individuals , groups ad familes facing specific challenges. Offering personalized support to address a wide range of mental health concerns through a person centered approach.

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